I'm making music!

2007-12-18 17:21:20 by Rabbite

No really, I am...well that's obvious but I mean i was hired (for free, we're friends) to compose music for a friend's game called Rae Battle Saga. It's a fighter...kind of in the caliber of a smash bros melee game.

I'm not posting the music here in fear that someone will use it and it's supposed to be his but like...I'll keep you posted.

The Bunnah is on the scene!

2007-11-23 19:30:51 by Rabbite

Welp...Yeah. here is I or something.

I'm just so stoked that my songs get such good praise.

And I hear yall, you say lyrics lyrics...well...I'm working on it, the courage that is n.n;;;

Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more things coming the Bunnah way!